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ANBI a European Biotech Week / 4

ANBI a European Biotech Week / 4

ANBI, in collaborazione con Assobiotec e l’Università di Teramo, organizza in occasione della European Biotech Week l’evento “Biochemistry of Protein-Protein and Protein-Lipid interactions: Applications to Biotechnology“.

L’evento si terrà il prossimo 26 settembre, a partire dalle ore 9.30, presso la Sala delle Lauree della Facoltà di Giurisprudenza dell’Università di Teramo.


9.30: Opening Remarks Luciano D’Amico, Rector of the University of Teramo
10.00 Future Directions of Biotechnology
Chairperson: Beatrice Dufrusine, ANBI Abruzzo
Andrea Moretti, ASSOBIOTEC
Aldo Corsetti, Programme Director of the Bachelor Degree Course in Biotechnology
Alessia Colosimo, Programme Director of Master Degree Course in “Reproductive Biotechnologies”
Mauro Mattioli, Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology
Barbara Barboni, Vice Rector for Research and Scientific coordinator of the UE doctoral programme Rep-Eat, University of Teramo
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Scientific Research in Biotechnology
“Biochemistry of Protein-Protein and Protein-Lipid Interactions:
Applications to Biotechnology”
Chairpersons: Enrico Dainese and Mauro Maccarrone
Biotechnological application of structural biology: Enrico Dainese, University of Teramo
Key note lecture
Drug design for lipid metabolizing enzymes: Mario Van Der Stelt, University of Leiden
Additional lectures
Control of conformation and oligomerization states as a mechanism of regulation in human aromatase: Gianfranco Gilardi, University of Torino
Structural characterization of an amine oxidase from Euphorbia characias latex: Francesca Pintus, University of Cagliari
Human heparanase structure and its role in cancer progression
Angela Pennacchio: ISA-CNR, Avellino
14.00 Concluding remarks

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