Join the IMI ENABLE consortium as an expert partner in either antibiotic potentiation or small molecule uptake: Deadline 9 September 2016.

The IMI funded ENABLE project seeks to develop novel antibiotics against gram negative pathogens. The 6 year, €85 million project brings together SMEs, universities, research centres and pharmaceutical companies and now seeks additional skills.

One of the ENABLE programmes underway, jointly led by Sanofi and GSK, is to develop a novel and broadly-applicable technology that utilizes bacterial active uptake systems or potentiation approaches to increase antibiotic penetration into Gram-negative bacteria, thus increasing their antibacterial activity. Whole cell antibacterial activity (i.e. MIC) is often not representative of drug affinities at their intracellular targets because of poor influx / high efflux. ENABLE seeks Expressions of Interest for one or both of the expert areas below from eligible organsations that strongly meet call criteria and who would like to join the ENABLE consortium.

Call 2.1 Bacterial uptake systems

ENABLE seeks partners with experience in the study and understanding of bacterial uptake systems, including, but not limited to: structure, modeling and function of uptake systems, Structure Activity Relationships (SARs) of interaction of small molecules with uptake systems, assay techniques to measure uptake processes, assays to measure intra-bacterial small molecule concentration.

Call 2.2 Antibiotic potentiation

ENABLE seeks partners with experience in the study and understanding of antibiotic potentiation through specific LPS biosynthesis inhibition, including, but not limited to: LPS biosynthesis pathway, crystallization and inhibition of the different enzymes from this pathway, potentiation of antibiotics upon inhibition/disruption of these enzymes, enzymatic or cell-based assays and techniques to measure/characterize/confirm LPS biosynthesis inhibition by small molecules.

Who should apply?

If you are an SME, university or research centre from within an IMI eligible country, and have a strong skill set in one or both of the call topics above, please visit the Open Call page of the ENABLE website for full call text and application criteria.

Applications are preferred from individual organisations, rather than consortia, and they do not necessarily have to fulfill 100% of the calls – more than 1 partner is likely to be invited to join the project. Applicants should be able to demonstrate strong track record within the topics and have the existing facilities and staff to take on additional work in a flexible fashion, as work is not guaranteed for the full duration of the project.

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